Inspector Training

December 15, 2019 9:21 pm Published by

The Pet Industry Federation and City of London Corporation have announced that from next year (July 2020), the Professional Programme will result in a formal Level 3 qualification. The course comprises an online multiple choice test, prior to undertaking five days of ‘face to face’ training. These classroom days will be a combination of taught sessions and practical exercises delivered by qualified, experienced inspectors from the City of London, supported by industry experts, held at the specialised facilities at Heathrow Animal Reception Centre.

LGAWG feels that inspector’s expertise should be clearly recognised and valued and so this qualification supports that position. As training is undertaken there will be a more consistent approach to licensing and many of the current issues will decrease. It is recognised that the guidance can be interpreted in different ways and the training is structured to help inspectors work through the process easily and to clarify those opaque areas. Applicants need to be able to rely on the expertise of inspectors and to be able to gain advice from them to enable meeting the highest standards possible. A professional qualification can only help build that trust between applicant and inspector.